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Help unleash Haitians' enterprising spirit

May 24, 2010

Linda Mason

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Message from Linda Mason

Three months ago, shortly after the earthquake, I visited Haiti on behalf of Mercy Corps. As I spent time in the tent camps, I thought, "How are Haitians going to survive, let alone rebuild?"

The answer became clear to me as I watched how Haitians live their daily lives. Everywhere I went, they were making the most of meager resources — washing a shirt in a plastic bottle of water, taking scraps of food and stretching them into a meal, scavenging through rubble to find material to rebuild a hut.

I marveled as I saw street vendors and markets spring back into life within days of the earthquake. There is a deeply embedded positive, entrepreneurial spirit in the Haitian culture.

We can feed that nourish that entrepreneurial spirit to help rebuild Haiti stronger and better than before. Mercy Corps is creatively supporting and encouraging local initiative and enterprise through this MPower project.

Together, we can help Haitians rebuild their economy at this critical time. I very much appreciate any and all contributions to this worthy project. Thank you!