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Sneakerheads Unite to Help Hungry Families in Africa

July 26, 2011

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Message from LLC

Everyday, over 50,000 sneakerheads browse Most of us are fortunate. We don't have to worry about the basic necessities of life. We've been pretty blessed when compared to others suffering around the world. We even have money to spend on luxury items and on things we really don't need such as sneakers, clothes, iPhones, video games, cars, etc... Some of us even buy two pairs of the same kicks. Remember the saying: "One to Rock and One to Stock?"

We spend money sometimes without even thinking twice. I'm pretty sure that each of us can sacrifice $10 or more to help hungry families in Africa without it hurting our pockets. It is already a difficult life for many in Africa.

Imagine a hungry mother or malnourished child. Now multiply that by 10.7 million people. That's what's happening in the Horn of Africa right now, affecting people in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya, and threatening to spread.

The region’s worst drought in 60 years is forcing families to walk for days to find food and water. Herds of livestock, many families’ primary source of food and income, have been lost. Farmers are literally watching their crops and livelihoods wither away.

Mercy Corps has dozens of team members on the ground throughout East Africa, rushing immediate assistance to vulnerable families in some of the most remote and worst-affected areas. We're providing truckloads of water, shipments of food and other critical, lifesaving supplies. While helping communities survive the current drought, we’re also sharing ways farmers can protect the fragile environment so their farms will grow more food for the future..

Your donation will speed immediate relief to drought-affected families and provide tools and resources to protect future growing seasons. Let's see what we can really accomplish if we work together as a community, when we get our friends and family involved, and each of us pulls together for a common cause.

Thank you.

Khan Furqan
CEO / Founder