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jfcastro's Rickshaw Run Fundraiser

March 16, 2010


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The Rickshaw Run — a trek from southern India to Nepal, and vice-versa — pits brave contestants against the all the varying terrains, extreme weather conditions and other challenges that the Indian subcontinent has to offer. Participants race to their destination, with no pre-determined route, in a seven-horsepower motorized rickshaw that is "loud, uncomfortable and prone to breaking down."

The route changes each time, but is almost takes about two weeks to travel — for those who complete the journey. The Spring 2010 Rickshaw Run will take contestants from the Himalayan town of Pokhara, Nepal all the way to Cochin, near the southern tip of India.

This event will fund an entirely-new project: a farming project for Jasodapur, a village in India's impoverished Orissa state. At least 40 percent of Orissa's population lives below the poverty line. The project will raise the fortunes of local farmers by giving them access to loans and training that will help them harvest more crops, leading to better nutrition and a more reliable income for their families.

Mercy Corps has worked in India since 2001, helping communities meet their immediate and long-term needs. Your donation for the Rickshaw Run will help fund a project that will transform a village and lead to new opportunities for its families.