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Holly's Haiti Fundraiser: The Heal, Help, Hope Initiative

January 14, 2010


Tacoma, Washington
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Message from Holly Wolfe

Earlier this year, the generosity of many people helped me raise support for Mercy Corps' response to the Haiti Earthquake. Together, we raised almost $4,000, which saved and improved the lives of Haitians in need.

Now, I need your help once again...

In honor of the earthquake one year anniversary, I am raising awareness and funds for both immediate relief in Haiti as well as long-term recovery. I am inspired by my roommate and Earthquake Survivor - Rachel Prusynski who returned to Haiti one year later to volunteer her time, physical therapy skills and her heart.

Rachel was in Haiti on January 12th 2010 visiting her close friend Molly Hightower (and in the same building) when the building collapsed and Molly was killed. Rachel's trip is in part a memorial tribute in honor of Molly.

To honor Rachel, to honor Molly, to honor those lives that have been lost and those that persevere today despite unthinkable conditions...

Will you make a donation to Mercy Corps for Recovery and Rebuilding in Haiti???

Your gift (however small) is a sign that we haven't forgotten; that together, we can still Heal, Help and provide Hope to Haiti.

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