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Hand Up 4 East Africa

August 7, 2011


Detroit, Michigan
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Message from Jessica Sitek

The UN reports that more than 12 million people are threatened by starvation in four countries - Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Djibouti. Somalia is the worst hit, where at least six out of every 10,000 children die daily as a result. While international aid agencies desperately seek access to areas of Somalia rife with political instability and food insecurity, thousands of refugees depart in search of help.

Our goal is to walk the walk many East Africans trek in search of aid. We walk in solidarity with those who have no other choice. We walk to demonstrate the severity of the situation. We walk to illustrate that drought, political instability, and the resulting food scarcity, malnutrition and threat of death leave families with little other option than to flee blighted land by foot in search of reprieve.

Driven by the current famine in East Africa we walk to raise awareness and resources to provide relief to the women, children and families affected. Funds raised will go to the work of Mercy Corps to support ongoing relief and sustained food security in the region.

To raise much needed funds, we will walk the distance that many East Africans are walking to save their lives. We will traverse the state of Michigan, covering the 168 miles from Holland to Detroit. The journey will be blogged about at, and participants will share their reflections along the way. Our walk pales in comparison to the excruciating passage trekked in the heat of shadeless plains, while sick and hungry. Though we could never truly imagine what it would be like to make a journey to save our lives, we walk in solidarity, and walk for relief and future security.

Your donation will speed immediate relief to drought-affected families and provide tools and resources to protect future growing seasons.

Thank you.

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