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Faith's Help for Haiti Fundraising Page

January 18, 2010

Faith Danforth

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Message from Faith Danforth

Mercy Corps' team of emergency response experts are on the ground in Port-au-Prince and are coordinating relief with other major aid agencies. Aid is beginning to reach some neighborhoods. The Red Cross estimates that 3 million people in the quake-affected zone are in need of aid, and current estimates put the death toll above 100,000.

The situation is still critical - fuel is scarce, communications are still severely disrupted, and access to clean water is a critical issue. If you've been wondering how to help, or wanting to help in some way, please make a donation today.

Cash is the best and most effective help that most of us here in the developed world can give. It lets the experts on the ground buy supplies in the region (which helps get the economy going again), allows relief organizations to create cash-for-work programs, which are also very effective at getting communities up and working again, and also saves on the cost of shipping, transport, and logistics. Cash is the way to go - small amounts add up and make a big difference.

Mercy Corps is really good at helping folks in trouble make the transition to long-term recovery, and also having the people affected truly lead their own recovery efforts. More than 95% of our staff are locals. We are in process of hiring staff in Haiti already.