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DesignerDigitals' Haiti Response Fundraiser

January 24, 2010


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The team at DesignerDigitals has been personally touched by the earthquake in Haiti as we try to lend emotional support to our Creative Team member, Christina, who is a resident of Haiti. The design team at DesignerDigitals has put together a collaborative kit with 100% of proceeds going to mercycorps. Purchase the kit at DesignerDigitals or donate directly here. Haiti will need our help for a long time to come so please help now and again in the future.

As international relief efforts continue in Haiti, a Mercy Corps earthquake response team is in Port-au-Prince responding to urgent needs.

Your donation will help families in Haiti recover from the most powerful quake to hit the country in more than 200 years.

They're focusing first on the immediate needs -- for water, food, temporary shelter supplies and much more -- and expanding our work to three areas: clean water, post-trauma support for children and job creation.

The needs in Haiti are immense. Its capital lies in ruins, as many as 200,000 may be dead, and survivors are increasingly desperate for food, clean water and shelter. Please give what you can to help families recover.

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Thank you!

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