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Dan O'Neill's Fundraiser for Central African Women

May 25, 2010

Dan O'Neill

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Message from Dan O'Neill

Hello friends!

Women in the Central African Republic have nowhere near the same rights as men. And the rights they do have are frequently violated.

Mercy Corps' Women Empowerment Project is working with a host of women's groups committed to changing that. We're promoting women's rights in very concrete ways.

For example, Mercy Corps is working with the Organization of Widows and Orphans of Central Africa, a group of more than 150 widows who have joined together to defend their property rights. We're also working with Land and Hope, a group teaching unwed mothers vocational skills so they can support themselves and their children. Other groups we support are dedicated to increasing services to women or providing them with skills to become self-sufficient.

We're focusing on helping women earn an income not only because it makes women better able to feed and clothe their families, but also because it makes them safer. Our study of violence against women in CAR showed that a woman's personal income was the only demographic factor correlated with a reduced level of violence.

Investing in women is one of the best ways to lift families, communities and countries out of poverty. Please help expand this critical project by making a donation here. Thank you!