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Beckman HS - Natural Disaster Aid Club

April 13, 2011


Irvine, CA
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Message from Natural Disaster Aid Club (Beckman High School)

Nature offers a mixed blessing to us human beings. On one hand she offers us life and comfort, but on the other hand she can unleash huge disasters that take away those life and comfort and uproot masses. The list of Nature’s disasters are endless: hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, fires, tornadoes, droughts, etc. Most people are largely oblivious to such disasters as they occur only infrequently. Yet when disaster strikes, we have no idea what to do! We remain helpless in face of Natural Disasters. Our club, Natural Disaster Aid, helps spread awareness about Natural Disasters in our midst. We also aim to contribute through donations for specific natural disasters that hits the poor and unfortunate in our world.

Natural Disaster Aid has been very active over the last couple years. More details are on our website:; however, I will list the activities and other fundraisers we have organized over the past couple years.