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Band Aids from Amiri Haiti Earthquake Response Fundraiser

February 19, 2010

bandaids from amiri

Portland, OR
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Message from Amiri Horn

Please help me raise money for Mercy Corps' response to the Haiti Earthquake and more recently to the cholera outbreak. Although my reasons are many for wanting to help, I am doing this because I saw kids just like myself that were hurt who couldn’t play with their friends. And it's no fun to not be able to play with your friends. At 4 yrs old, I know first hand that band aids, a full belly, clean water, and safe play can go a long way to making them feel better. Thanks to those of you who have donated so far and to those who've passed on the site! Keep spreading the word! Our goal is now $5,000 and we're oh so close! So please continue to help in any way you can -- no donation is too small.

See below to see just how far your donation will go in Haiti :

$12 provides an earthquake survivor with access to a safe, well-maintained latrine.

$23 provides clean water to a family for one month.

$70 provides a hygiene kit containing soap, detergent, towels and other supplies

$100 gives an earthquake survivor living in a Port-au-Prince tent camp a temporary clean-up and rebuilding job for 20 days.

$150 provides six months of clean water for a displaced Haitian family

$360 feeds an earthquake-affected family for nine months.

$450 supplies a month's worth of water for 20 Haitian families

Follow the latest updates on Mercy Corps work in Haiti at

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

With love,

and just for fun, here are clips of me on tv and radio sharing just why this is so important:

Here’s an OPB write up with an audio button at the top:

AM Northwest talking about the Hot Cocoa Stand the Friday before the event.