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Adnan Shahid's fundraising page for Japan's Earthquake !

March 16, 2011

Adnan Shahid

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Message from Adnan Shahid

I have great respect for the friendly and peace loving Japanese people. I have some wonderful Japanese friends and it is heart-wrenching to see images of Japan's cataclysmic earthquake and the ferocious tsunami. Entire villages have been swept away. Thousands of people are dead or missing. Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced. There is lingering threat of radiation causing health hazards for survivors.

I have experienced 2005 Earthquake in Pakistan and am well aware of the wide scale destruction. This page has been setup to raise funds for Japanese Earthquake victims through Mercy Corps and its partners doing wonderful work in the Japan. Mercy Corps is working with their longstanding partner, Peace Winds, to help families affected by the disaster. Your donation will be used to meet immediate and longer-term needs of earthquake survivors.

I would like to strongly urge my family, friends and fellow Pakistanis to donate for Japanese Earthquake victims. Japan has always given tremendous help to us - especially in time of need like the 2005 Earthquake (when men, equipment and over $20M were provided) and during 2010 floods.

Please make a donation - no matter how small ! Every penny counts...

Thank you!

PS: Picture courtesy of Daily Telegraph (