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Signature partnerships

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    Caitlin Carlson/Mercy Corps  </span>
    A small village Madrasah school where Mercy Corps operates the Sumatra Healthy Schools Program (SHSP). Hand washing facility built by SHSP and Starbucks. Photo: Caitlin Carlson/Mercy Corps

A commitment to our corporate partners – and a shared commitment to the communities we serve

Mercy Corps is committed to understanding the needs of both our corporate partners and the communities we serve, and we engage only in those partnerships that bring mutual benefit to both. We greatly appreciate the value of leveraging the private sector in pursuit of our mission. Recognizing this value, we build relationships with our Fortune 500 partners that are based on deep engagement, flexibility and responsiveness, so that our partners achieve their goals while saving and improving lives around the world.

Signature partnership implementation

Working with company representatives or consulting firms, Mercy Corps helps develop a signature partnership that meets your company’s business and CSR objectives. We then create a customized implementation plan. Throughout our partnership, we help you communicate the program’s activities and benefits to your various audiences and constituencies.

Below are the components a signature partnership may contain.

  • Focus on select Mercy Corps program sectors: You may choose to focus support on specific types of Mercy Corps programs, such as financial literacy, microfinance, water/sanitation, small- and medium-enterprise development, economic development, youth engagement or psychosocial support for children.
  • Participate in emergency response: Many companies wish to assist humanitarian responders as soon as possible after a disaster, when their employees are most motivated to make a difference. Mercy Corps invites our corporate partners to play a role in our emergency response work. We offer a number of ways to do that: through email updates on the latest developments, personal fundraising pages, designated emergency funds and program-specific relief options. Check out our emergency response partners page for more details.
  • Workplace giving and volunteerism: Employers often match their employees’ donations to giving campaigns to double the impact and strengthen the sense of a shared company mission. Mercy Corps provides receipts to all donors, acknowledging tax-deductible contributions. When relevant and available, employees may be able to participate in field program visits and volunteer opportunities. Check out our workplace giving page for more information.
  • Executive leadership and participation: Mercy Corps’ executive team understands that our global impact depends in no small part on our strategic corporate partnerships. Our leadership team is committed to developing executive relationships with key corporate stakeholders, understanding the business objectives of their executive counterparts, and participating in marketing and communications events to promote the objectives and achievements of our partnership. They realize that their involvement is key to a successful program.
  • Effectively marketing successful partnerships: A successfully developed and implemented signature program can benefit your company’s brand and your bottom line – if people know about it. Mercy Corps works closely with our corporate partners to communicate the impact of the program to your internal and external constituents. We help you identify opportunities to publicize your CSR program to consumers, stakeholders, employees and the media. We make our staff members available to speak at events so your constituents can hear firsthand about the impact their support has made. Our executives may speak to their peers in your organization. And, our communications team may review your communications plan, scout speaking opportunities, or co-develop news releases in support of your media pitches.

For more information on setting up a signature partnership with Mercy Corps, contact Britt Rosenberg, Senior Development Officer, Corporations, at