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  • Photo: Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps

Our strategy

Provide emergency relief to populations struggling through the region's food crisis and create opportunities for economic development and long-term recovery.

The context

Niger is one of the world's poorest countries, with annual per person income less than $200. Over the past ten years, the country has experienced significant social and political instability that has left millions unable to adequately respond to chronic drought and malnutrition. Additionally, climate change has led to increasingly erratic rain patterns. A lack of precipitation led to a failed harvest at the end of 2011, leaving the entire Sahel region of West Africa in the grip of a dire, ongoing food crisis.

Our work

  • Emergency response: Distributed emergency cash and provided cash-for-work opportunities to families to buy food
  • Agriculture & Food: Restoring livestock herds and helping pastoralists access fodder and veterinary services
  • Water: Preparing the land to absorb rainfall and developing irrigation techniques to help farmers withstand drought
  • Health: Supported nutritional screening centers and trained health workers to treat malnourished children
  • Economic opportunity: Distributing goats to women to start dairy production businesses

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