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  • Photo: Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps


Lebanon is home to profound political, ethnic and religious complexities that result in a complicated internal conflict between sect, confession, tribe and family. Key indicators such as life expectancy, literacy, school enrollment and per-capita income lag behind more developed countries.

Most recently, it has become home to the largest number of refugees fleeing the extended conflict in neighboring Syria, further straining a stressed infrastructure. Because there are no official camps for Syrians here, refugee families are scattered in makeshift shelters and abandoned buildings, with little access to services and community support.

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Respond to the immediate needs of Syrian refugees and their host communities. Work across multiple sectors to build comprehensive humanitarian and development programs that support the needs of both refugees and local citizens.

Lat / Lon

Latitude: 33.83
Longitude: 35.8

Program Details

  • Emergency response: Distributing clothes, blankets and household supplies to Syrian refugee families staying in temporary shelters and host communities.
  • Children & Youth: Leading programs that help children process trauma and integrate into their new host communities. Providing creative activities for young adults to develop leadership, decision-making and other life skills.
  • Conflict & Governance: Helping local municipalities manage resource needs related to the crisis. Creating a network of trained peace mediators to identify and manage tensions between groups.
  • Water: Improving access to clean drinking water in tent settlements and collective shelters. Educating families about proper hygiene and rehabilitating community water infrastructures, including schools.


  • Population (2014 est.): 5.8 million
  • UN Human Development Index rank: 65 (out of 187)
  • Mercy Corps has worked here since 1993


POLYGON ((35.62 33.25, 36.62 34.2, 35.97 34.65, 35.1 33.09, 35.62 33.25))

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