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Mercy Corps is looking for partners who share our mission — to help save and improve the lives of people facing incredible challenges. We invite you to join our community of fundraisers making a difference!

Why should I fundraise for Mercy Corps?

You can have a tremendous impact on people in need. We do our best to raise funds and awareness, but we rely on people like you to help us spread the word about families in the world's toughest places. With you and your community's help, we can reach even more men, women and children in need of assistance.

What kind of fundraiser can I do?

We understand that choosing the right kind of fundraiser for your cause can be daunting. Fortunately, we compiled a whole list of Fundraising ideas! Check out our Fundraisers' blog for inspirational stories of past fundraisers.

A few questions to consider as you begin planning:

  • Who do I want to ask to support my effort, and what interests do they have?
  • Who do I know who can help me fundraise and spread the word?
  • What kind of campaign or event will my community respond best to?
  • Do I have the time and resources to pull this effort off?
  • Are there people or organizations in my community who might like to partner?

How do I promote my fundraiser?

We want to make this part easy for you! After registering, use your online fundraising page to collect donations. Take a look at our Online fundraising tips for helpful ideas on spreading the word about your campaign and asking for support.

Mercy Corps also has materials to help you promote your efforts - fact sheets, talking points, Press and Outreach Kit, photos, videos, etc. These materials and more can be found on Materials and messages. Meanwhile, download a special Fundraising Kit to get things rolling.

What do I do with donations from an event?

We’ve laid out instructions to help simplify the process of collecting and submitting donations to Mercy Corps on our Handling donations page.

Are there any rules for fundraising?

Just a few! Mercy Corps is committed to helping you succeed while also meeting standards set by Better Business Bureau and allocating our resources efficiently. Please read our Fundraising Guidelines to learn more. Additional information can be found within our Frequently Asked Questions.

Ok, I’m ready to get started! What’s my next step?

Thank you so much for fundraising for Mercy Corps! Your next step will be to register and tell us what you'd like to raise money for. Once you are set up, start spreading the word!


Fundraising Welcome Kit