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  • Photo: Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps

Our strategy

Help survivors recover after devastating Typhoon Haiyan. Bring innovative financial products to low-income families once considered “unbankable.”

The context

Typhoon Haiyan left a massive trail of devastation across the island nation in November 2013. Thousands of people were killed and and four million people displaced. In all, more than 16 million people were affected by what was one of the strongest storms in recorded history.

The Philippines is hit by as many as 20 typhoons a year, but none has ever been as strong as Haiyan (known locally as Typhoon Yolanda). Around 25 percent of the country's population lives in poverty, with little or no resources to protect themselves and rebuild from a disaster of this magnitude.

The destruction of infrastructure and large-scale displacement caused by this storm means that families need long-term assistance to recover.

Learn more about our ongoing Typhoon Haiyan response and how you can help ▸

Our work

  • Emergency response: Rushed lifesaving food, critical supplies and support to isolated islands in the immediate aftermath of the storm.
  • Recovery and rehabilitation: Providing mobile cash transfers to help families buy food and materials to rebuild.
  • Water: Repairing damaged water sources and improving sanitation resources in remote villages and at schools and daycares.
  • Economic opportunity: Helping local microfinance institutions reach previously unserved populations through new mobile technologies.

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