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  • Photo: David Snyder for Mercy Corps

Our strategy

Alleviate poverty by helping refugees return and reintegrate into society, teaching families how to start and expand small businesses, and promoting leadership, conflict resolution and job skills training among youth.

The context

Thirteen years after the war and four years after its declaration of independence, Kosovo continues its struggle to emerge as a peaceful and prosperous independent state. Tensions between the majority Albanian and non-majority Serbian populations in Northern Kosovo demand the attention and resources of international organizations. Meanwhile, a continuing economic crisis contributes to 48 percent unemployment — one of the highest rates in the region.

Our work

  • Economic opportunity: Providing training, loans and other financial services to small business owners
  • Emergency response: Helping families still displaced from the Kosovo war resettle away from lead-contaminated camps
  • Children & Youth: Engaging youth in civic projects, internships and activities that promote inter-ethnic cooperation

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