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  • Photo: Joy Portella/Mercy Corps

Our strategy

Work with youth to address the root of conflict and empower them to champion peace. Help families survive the drought and hunger crisis that hit the Horn of Africa, while building their ability to cope with future challenges.

The context

The underlying causes of Kenya’s 2007 post-election crisis remain. These include competition over land, deep poverty, widespread unemployment, youth alienation, and political manipulation of grievances. Millions of families are also still recovering from the region’s worst drought in 60 years, which began in 2011.

Our work

  • Children & Youth: Connecting young people through new mobile technologies to pursue community development, new economic opportunities, and a peaceful political process
  • Conflict & Governance: Strengthening local, district, and provincial structures to promote sustainable peace and reconciliation
  • Emergency response: Providing clean water and access to food for drought-affected families
  • Agriculture & Food: Helping affected populations rebuild their assets including livestock

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