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  • Photo: Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps

Our strategy

Help meet the immediate needs of vulnerable Syrian refugees. Support local communities to mitigate tensions over scarce resources and improve water infrastructure to better serve the increasing population.

The context

The fourth water-poorest country in the world is increasingly stressed by the influx of Syrian refugees seeking safety across the border. Zaatari is considered the second largest refugee camp in the world, but the majority of Syrians live in towns where the competition over housing and jobs is increasing tensions.

Infrastructure is literally breaking down under the strain: The nation's aging water system leaks 76 billion liters per year, and areas with large numbers of refugees face water shortages at emergency levels.

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Our work

  • Emergency response: Distributing clothes, blankets and household supplies to Syrian refugees. Improving shelters for families outside camps.
  • Water: Increasing the water supply for more than 500,000 refugees and host community members. Digging wells at refugee camps and renovating municipal water systems to more efficiently serve the larger population. Financing household projects, school improvements and reservoirs to conserve limited water resources.
  • Children & Youth: Building safe spaces for Syrian children to play in refugee camps and leading activities that help them heal and grow. Enabling schools to expand their enrollment to educate more refugee children, including those with disabilities.
  • Conflict & governance: Supporting community groups to resolve tensions and develop common solutions to their immediate problems.

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