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  • Photo: Nigel Downes for Mercy Corps

Our strategy

Support the needs of internally-displaced Iraqis and Syrians who have sought refuge in more stable regions of the country. Strengthen civil society and local government capacity, and provide the building blocks for a safe and thriving democracy, including education, basic services and human rights.

The context

The road to a new Iraq is fraught with challenges and citizens struggle to survive against a backdrop of political dysfunction, infighting and potential civil war. Hundreds of thousands have fled the most violent areas and are seeking safety elsewhere. The ongoing conflict in neighboring Syria continues to drive Syrian refugees across the border into camps and urban settlements.

The country's precarious development is stressed by the needs of these new residents. Basic services have been disrupted, water is in short supply, and large communities of internally-displaced families already lack water, shelter and proper hygiene facilities.

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Our work

  • Emergency response: Distributing emergency aid packages to recently-displaced communities, and providing continuing assistance to Syrian refugees
  • Children & Youth: Creating safe spaces for Syrian children to learn and play in Arbat refugee camp
  • Conflict & Governance: Encouraging reconciliation and good governance by providing capacity-building training and empowering local leaders to resolve disputes and reform policies
  • Economic opportunity: Partnering with Startup Weekend to grow a vibrant startup ecosystem and promote entrepreneurship in the information technology sector

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