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  • Photo: Thatcher Cook for Mercy Corps
  <span class="field-credit">
    Thatcher Cook for Mercy Corps  </span>
    Photo: Thatcher Cook for Mercy Corps

Our strategy

Improve life in the country's most isolated, vulnerable regions by supporting economic development, youth development and environmental sustainability.

The context

India’s northern regions are home to some of the poorest and neglected communities in the country. India’s tea-growing region and Kashmir have long struggled with conflict and are fragmented by social and political unrest that leave the economy faltering. Millions of people are also extremely vulnerable to disasters and the effects of climate change, which increasingly threaten their safety and livelihoods.

Our work

  • Women & Gender: Support the literacy of female tea workers and improve graduation rates for their children
  • Agriculture & Food: Providing training and links to markets so spice farmers can make more from their crops
  • Health: Building new latrines and sanitation facilities in Darjeeling to limit the spread of waterborne disease
  • Economic opportunity: Connecting youth in Kashmir with technical training and incentives to start business ventures
  • Children & Youth: Fostering conflict resolution skills and community engagement among young people in Kashmir

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