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  • Photo: Jamie Grant for Mercy Corps

Our strategy

Lift indigenous Guatemalans out of poverty by providing access to land, more nutritious food and healthcare. Empower women and youth through trainings to improve their lives and better their communities.

The context

About 80 percent of the population lives in poverty, partly because fertile land — the most important means of production in this agricultural economy — is concentrated in the hands of a few. Land reform since the end of its 36-year civil war in 1996 has advanced in fits and starts. The country also struggles with government corruption, high crime rates, crippled infrastructure and high rates of malnutrition.

Our work

  • Conflict & Governance: Training communities to mediate land disputes that block rural development
  • Agriculture & Food: Distributing food and providing nutrition education to mothers with young children; helping small farmers diversify crops, improve quality and increase revenues
  • Health: Establishing a network of pharmacies in previously unserved remote villages; providing health and hygiene education to build healthier communities

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