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Rising prices complicate aid deliveries

January 10, 2009

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With access to Gaza severely restricted, our team there is trying to buy relief items locally to distribute to families displaced or otherwise affected by the fighting. But one challenge is the multiplying prices for what little remains on the shelves in the beleaguered enclave.

Although the price of bread is holding steady, prices for other basic supplies have risen markedly since the Israeli bombardment began.

Here are some examples reported by our Gaza staff (prices are in Israeli Shekels, or NIS, with 1 NIS equal to US$0.25):

  • Flour: from 120 NIS to 180-200 NIS for 50 kilos (and very difficult to find)
  • Cooking oil: from 22 NIS to 30 NIS for three liters
  • Diapers: from 45 NIS to 85 NIS for four dozen

Sugar is also up 30 percent.