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Raising support for Mercy Corps is just a click away

May 10, 2012

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  • Raising support for Mercy Corps is just a click away
  <span class="field-credit">
    Courtesy of Fady Masoud  </span>
    Fady created an online fundraising page to celebrate his birthday. Photo: Courtesy of Fady Masoud

Every day, people are taking a stand for others in need, and they partner with Mercy Corps to do so. Millions of dollars are raised and millions of lives improved because of fundraising efforts driven by individuals and groups all around the world.

And now it's even easier to start a movement in your own community. Our redesigned online personal fundraising pages help you raise funds and awareness for the issues you care about — and where Mercy Corps is making a difference.

You have the ability to choose where to fundraise for, such as the Horn of Africa or simply to send funds where they are needed most. Pages are easy to set up, designed to share with friends and family, and collect donations in a quick, streamlined interface. It's a place to bring your community together around a single goal, and everyone can watch the progress you're all making together.

In fact, fundraising pages are a great way to commemorate birthdays, weddings and other special occasions. Our friend Fady Masoud created a fundraising page for his birthday, saying it was "one of the simplest pages to set up — clear, concise and asks for relevant information only! It took me about 5 minutes." Check out Fady's page.

To get started and create your own fundraising page, visit the Fundraise for us section and and click "Get started." Your fundraising page can move Mercy Corps forward in our mission to save and improve lives in the world's toughest places.