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Rising temperatures exacerbate displacement crisis

Pakistan, May 29, 2009

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Our team reports that the coming days will bring searing temperatures to areas heavily populated by displaced families. Reports that temperatures in tents for IDPs in camps are unbearable.

The cooling monsoon rains are not far away; they're expected to start in late June or early July. But this will add a new set of challenges and could exacerbate already-poor conditions in camps and other spontaneous settlements (schools and open fields, for example), especially if it causes flooding.

Other news from our response team today:

  • The number of IDPs in North West Frontier Province now numbers more than 2.65 million (including 500,000 people displaced before this month)
  • Pakistan has requested international assistance to help with the IDP crisis, but to date has received only about one-fifth of their funding request.
  • Needs remain in all sectors of emergency response: health, water and sanitation, food, essential non-food items such as soap and bedding, and psychosocial assistance.