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Kompanion delivers food to beleaguered hospitals in Osh

Kyrgyzstan, June 15, 2010

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Our microfinance company in Kyrgyzstan, Kompanion, has already organized and distributed $35,000 worth of food to hospitals in Osh. They're also collecting clothes to deliver.

More than 1700 people have been reported injured by inter-ethnic violence in Kyrgyzstan's second-largest city.

In Kyrgyzstan's hospitals, food is not generally provided to patients; families are expected to feed and augment the care of their hospitalized relatives. The Kompanion-led humanitarian aid to hospitals includes fortified foods (baby formula and cereal and adult instant hot cereal), sanitation products, basic medical supplies, and antiseptics.

The interim government's coordinator for aid in the south expressed the need for support of hospitals, as the financially strapped government is over-extended and unable to meet many public service needs, let alone a humanitarian crisis of this magnitude.