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It feels like we are besieged...

January 10, 2009

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Derar: "There is an escalation. My family and I are staying in an area called al Nusairat; last night we could not sleep, it was very terrifying because no one knows what is going on, and the shelling sounds closer to cities, it feels like we are besieged, and of course the sounds are louder.

"People are moving from their houses trying to find another shelter. I know people who have moved several times and they keep searching for other shelters; no where remains safe...

"I used to go out with my friends during the evenings. I am sure that when I go back to my home and look out of the window I will see a totally different view. Nowadays, I spend most of the time reading and writing diaries instead of wondering about what is going on and what may happen because in my opinion this will terrify me.

"We are all experiencing a real war, my family hasn't changed, and I haven't seen my friends in two weeks now. But during these days the real personality of a person is revealed; how tolerant, strong, patient and caring a person is. People use the few hours of cease fire to shop for food, get water and medicine if needed because many people are getting sick from the very cold weather, or even take a shower before the attacks resume.

"We listen to the radio and if there's electricity then we watch television, although I hate to watch the news because then I would start to think of my family and myself and what is going to happen to us, so I prefer to know the headlines only."