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What else I'm seeing in Padang

Indonesia, October 2, 2009

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Driving around the city of Padang, you can almost forget the enormity of the disaster that's happened here, until you turn a corner and see a building-sized pile of rubble, or a roof touching the ground or — worst of all — a building that has crumbled inward, possibly trapping people inside.

Crowds of people gather on street corners to watch the search and rescue crews delve into the rubble. Ambulances are still screaming frequently through the streets, and electricity and running water are still not working in the city.

Through this tragic chaos, we're continuing to coordinate with other humanitarian organizations to address the worst-hit places — including hospitals — and reaching out to remote communities to address their needs.

This weekend promises to remain busy. I'll keep you updated on what I'm seeing and hearing — and what we're all doing, together, to help the survivors.