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Earthquake in Sumatra

Indonesia, April 6, 2010

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Yesterday's 7.7-magnitude earthquake about 125 miles off the coast of northern Sumatra caused surprisingly little damage.

Our staff in Aceh and in West Sumatra provinces felt the quake. One staff member in the coastal city of Padang, 400 miles from the epicenter, reported a "long but mild shake."

Our country director in Indonesia, Sean Granville-Ross, reported several hours ago that, "Based on the information that we have gathered today from our staff and network, information from the Government National Disaster Management Agency and UNOCHA, Mercy Corps Indonesia will not be responding to this earthquake. The damages are very limited and then numbers of casualties are very small. Thankfully we were lucky this time."

Our Indonesian team has responded to two earthquakes in Sumatra since the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami — one in Bengkulu in September 2007 and another in Padang in October 2009.