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I just wish that all this would end really soon...

January 9, 2009

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Haitham: "We are all terrified; we are staying at my uncle's house now. A house very close to where we are currently staying was bombed right in front of my eyes; I looking out of the window and I saw the rocket hit the place.

"The children are frightened; some parts of the house are damaged now. But the most important thing is that my family and I are all together; we are hurt and we are very emotional, but seeing being others killed and injured we are thankful.

"When the attacks are halted, my father and I go to our house to get some things; today we knew that the IDF informed our neighbors that they will bomb their house; so our house might be damaged as well, therefore we had to remove the glass of the windows so that they wont break and we hope that nothing will happen.

"I just wish that all this would end really soon, and that life in Gaza will be back to normal and even better than that, because we are tired of all this."