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I just hope that nothing else happens.

January 13, 2009

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Nasser: "Last night there was a lot of bombing, but it is quieter during the day. All the trees in our garden were burnt yesterday. I just hope that nothing else happens. People in Gaza do not believe that there is democracy in the world because of all what is happening to us, everyone is wondering why isn't all this stopped if there is democracy. People are desperate; they do not care about anything anymore.

"I have been working for the past two days. I work for a company that makes documentaries; so I do the translation and some management tasks in the office.

"We used to walk around in Gaza and notice all the nice places there, but now every 50 meters there are damaged buildings and houses. The Legislative Council used to be a beautiful building but now it's all black, many institutes and buildings are burnt. Even the buildings in the area by the sea were bombarded ... And at night we cannot walk in the streets ..."