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A harebrained idea (worth $1,434)

December 8, 2009

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Harebrained is how Jody Pratt described her idea to ask for a matching fundraising drive to support Mercy Corps' work around the world, rather than Christmas presents from the mall. However, within a few weeks she and friends had raised hundreds of dollars — and in less than two weeks they exceeded their goal.

An email from Jody revealed how important our new personal fundraising pages were to her goal:

I have to say that your donation page was instrumental to my fundraising. That functionality and facebook are 100% to thank for the success of this little scheme. I've been posting appeals most days. Some are hard tugs on the heartstrings. Others are sobering statistics, and others are silly. Almost all have resulted in a new flurry of pledges.

I believe that if the link wasn't right there with my status updates, and if donating were more complicated than simply clicking on a link, I couldn't have raised a fraction of the money I did. Hooray for technology!

I am astonished at how much good I was able to drum up with so little effort. Hopefully, this sum (which may be a small donation by some standards, but is big by ours) will do some good in the world. This hope is bringing me far more joy than any material gift ever could.

I'm a fundraiser for Mercy Corps every day — but I was inspired by Jody's efforts and successes to mobilize her friends and family around our work to make such a generous contribution. Times are tough and people like Jody are working together with family and friends to make small contributions really add up to big change through pages set up for weddings, birthdays, bicycle races and more.

So, I challenge you: what will your harebrained idea be?