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The mustache: the newest tool in disaster relief

Haiti, March 1, 2010

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    Numara Software  </span>
    The two winners of Numara Software's mustache-powered Haiti relief fundraiser. Photo: Numara Software

We can’t all hop on a plane to offer our volunteer services in Haiti, but anyone can help. And who says helping can’t be a good time? The employees at Numara Software came up with an entertaining and effective way to raise funds for Haiti — mustaches!

So how did the "Stache for Haiti" campaign work? Participants agreed to grow a mustache over a two-week period. Women were able to participate, sporting fake mustaches. During that timeframe, other employees were invited to “bid” on the employee whom they would like to see retain his or her mustache for an additional week.

The campaign was a huge success, with employees from both the New Jersey and Florida offices participating. It generated a total of $5,500, nearly half of which was raised in the last half-hour during a heated “live auction” in the Tampa office. It was down to two mustaches and, at the last second, one employee announced, “Here’s my donation. Divide it in such a way that both of them have to keep the mustache for a week.” Negotiation at its finest!

We have seen hundreds of thoughtful, innovative and fun community fundraisers for Haiti, and are deeply grateful for and inspired by people’s genuine concern for earthquake survivors in Haiti. Mercy Corps offers it sincerest thanks to all the folks at Numara Software and the numerous businesses, schools, churches, community organizations and individuals who have taken action and helped us provide both immediate aid and long-term support to the people of Haiti.