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Action Center exhibits

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  • Photo: Patrick Bernard for Mercy Corps

Permanent exhibit

We use interactive multimedia to bring to life the daily experiences of people around the globe as they strive to improve their lives.

Briefing Area – In the small theater situated by our entrance, visitors can view our seven-minute briefing video. Our youth groups usually convene here for classes and videos.

Case Studies – Our interactive touch screens present case studies of how local residents and agencies such as Mercy Corps work together to address specific challenges. We’re currently presenting four case studies: Climate Change in Niger, Land Rights in Guatemala, Conflict in Afghanistan and Governance in Indonesia.

Global Status Interactive – Bird’s-eye views of Mercy Corps programs across the globe are projected on a large screen using Google Earth. Visitors can zoom in for more information.

Story Sculpture – Visitors step up to one of our 30 iPods dangling from the ceiling to learn what communities and aid workers are doing – via slide shows, videos and news accounts.

Projection Wall – On a large screen, visitors see up-to-date information about, and photographs of, Mercy Corps hot spots – places where we currently have relief and economic development programs underway.

Response Wall – Before leaving, visitors are encouraged to jot down their ideas about innovation, peace, new discoveries or what they’d like to change.